Mumtiah Modrasah

Madrasatu-l-mumtiah is an Arabic institution of learning for every Muslim that is interested in gaining knowledge of the Deen.

Our admission offer accommodates anybody either beginners, intermediate, or advanced. Our classes are also flexible and can be done physically or on any platform feasible for the student.

We offer our services across the world as far as teaching knowledge of the Deen is concerned.

Our Program

As you must have guessed, Mumtiah Madrasah is an institution that has the best interest of her students at heart, hence, we have a number of programs crafter to accommodate everyone both home and abroad.

We have physical, online and hybrid classes according to individual schedules. We have one-on-one tutoring, weekend classes, night classes and virtual classes.

Physical Class

Our physical classes hold accordingly in the following locations: Bariga, LASUCOM and LUTH.

Online Class

We have flexible online classes for students from any part of the world with the right tools and medium. We got you covered even with your tight scheduled.

Free online class

As an institution dedicated to Islamic dawah and the growth of the Muslim Ummah, Mumtiah Madrasah also offers free online classes on our telegram and YouTube channels.


Mumtiah Madrasah has built a community of excellence and religious and moral values where we keep learning and growing in knowledge of the Deen via telegram

Ramadan Lecture

Mumtiah Madrasah offers Ramadan lectures during the month of Ramadan. We deliver lectures on topics that have become necessary to be addressed in our communities. You can donate towards our Ramadan lectures program.

Mumtiah Experience

Mumtiah Experience is when we have halal fun, games, networking, and of course, naseehah, nasheeds and recitation of the glorious Quran.

Mumtiah Modrasah

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Support Build Mumtiah Project

Who is it that would loan Allah a godly loan except that He will multiply it for him... Q57v11

As an institution whose aim and mission is to spread the knowledge of the Deen across the world, our numbers have grown and our impact is being felt to the extent that the location and capacity of our current madrasah can contain.

The plan is to not relent nor back down in doing the work of Allah, hence, we have plans of buying land and erecting our own Madrasah and masjid on it.

Plans are already underway but execution is not close as we are still below the budget of our project.

The Build Mumtiah Mosque project is budgeted at #100,000,000 and thus far, we have been able to raise #5.5M and $630. Kindly support this meritorious project.

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